Vegetable Stew

The vegetable soup you can cook with the seasons and flavors with mixed vegetables. Carrots and kohlrabi. Slice the carrots, turnips cut into smaller pieces and then sliced. Clean cauliflower and cut into small florets. Peel potatoes, halve and slice. Cut the zucchini into slices.


Shelling peas or frozen peas can be thawed in a colander and. Hack into a bowl and season strong with pepper, salt and paprika. Peel onion, cut into small cubes and mix with the hack. Shape the beef with damp hands, small meatballs. In a pan heat corn oil and meatballs to brown all sides and set aside. Vegetables except the peas into a large stainless steel pot and cover lightly with vegetable type.

Lovage cause and bring the stew to cook vegetables. Temperature set on medium heat and cook vegetable stew about 15 minutes. The vegetables should not be too soft. Add peas and meatballs and vegetables in the stew draw briefly. Lovage remove and serve hot vegetable stew as possible.


¤150 g Carrots
¤150 g Kohlrabi
¤150 g Cauliflower
¤150 g Potatoes
¤150 g Zucchini
¤100 g Peas
¤250 g Minced meat
¤Pepper, salt
¤1 Onions
¤1 tablespoon Corn oil
¤3/4 L Vegetable stock
¤1 tablespoon Lovage

Serves 3 459 cal per serving 15 mins Prep 30 mins Total