Varied canapes

Portions / number of persons:
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 0
Category: Snacks and tapas

Difficulty: Easy

Varied canapes

These are easy to prepare canapés and that they can do from one day to another.

Ingredients depend on the variety of canapes

-Bread without crust. White and integral
-Cooked ham
-slices of cheese
-Smoked salmon in fine strips
-Cheese spread
-Sauces to choose: pink sauce, sauce tartar, etc
-film for winding.
-roller for stretch bread

With the roller stretches one by one each slice of bread.
Spread each slice of bread according to the chosen ingredient. For example:
With whole-grain bread is very good combinations:
great flavour spreadable cheese + smoked salmon
mayonnaise + salmon (or other variety) smoked
And the sauce can be Tartar

With white bread can be:
butter + slice of cheese
butter + honey + slice of cooked ham
The sauce may be Salsa Rosa

Rub the slice, put you the chosen main ingredient and is lengthened. It is wrapped in cling film, trying to tighten. Type “Cumbia villera” is closed and stored in the refrigerator an hour at least to make way. You can save one day to another, or frozen and thawed at room temperature.
Before serving is desenrrolla and cut into strips of a finger’s width each
The sauces are served separate.