Trout meuniere

Trout meuniere is a fine variation with almond butter, the classic fried trout miller. Best to use fresh trout. If you do not receive fresh trout, you can also use frozen trout, however, will need to be gently thawed overnight in refrigerator. For that you the best trout in a large sieve and the sieve is a perfect dish to make the thaw can be collected. The trout covered with a plate and pour away the thaw the next day. For trout meuniere first boiled potatoes cook. Peel for half waxy variety potatoes, wash and halve or quarter them. Place the potatoes in a small saucepan filled, cover with water and place a lid. The potatoes to a boil and add some salt.


The temperature switch back to medium and boiled potatoes in about 20-25 minutes to cook at all. The cooking water can be used to preheat the casting to the plate. Meanwhile kitchen-ready trout under running water inside and out, rinse and pat dry gently with paper towels. Trout inside and out with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice and season with fleur de sel, or alternatively, a simple salt. Flour in a bowl and roll the trout in turn give it. The trout should be as evenly coated with flour.

In a large fry pan heat 30 g butter and fry the trout meuniere on medium heat about 5 minutes on one side. The trout meuniere with a spatula and gently invert from the other side about 3-5 minutes, depending on the size of trout fry. When the dorsal fin can be removed easily from the flesh, the trout are cooked. The trout from the fish gently lift pan and keep warm in a preheated plate. 60 g butter in the frying fat and fry light brown almond leaves repeatedly turning, as previously seen in the picture. The lemon juice into the almond butter. The other half of the lemon slice. Trout meuniere on warmed plates and sprinkle with the almond butter. Boiled potatoes, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and serve it.


*400 g Potatoes
*3 Trout
*3 tsp Lemon juice
*Fleur de Sel
*30 g Flour
*30 g Butter
*50 g Almond Leaves
*60 g Butter
*1 Lemons
*2 tablespoons Parsley

Serves 3 – 774 cal per serving
*** – 45 mins Prep – 45 mins Total