It helps keep hands soft and hydrated with a touch of softness Dermaprotect

According to a study conducted by Fairy, 86% of Spanish women affirms that the factor of the maximum comfort is achieved with aclean and bright home. New FAIRY cleaning and care,Hands soft and hydrated with able to grease always.

Designed for the modern woman, this product retains the natural hydration of the skin thanks to its component Amino oxide favoring the softness of your hands. Comes in two varieties: “Aloe Vera and cucumber” and “Orchid & silk” Other interesting findings of the study reveal that 74% of Spanish women say that hands are the part of the body that most reflects the age of the people.

touch of softness Dermaprotect

Fairy, brand leader in dishwasher hand, just released to the Spanish market, the new Fairy cleaning and care, a dishwasher that contributes to your hands soft and hydrated due to its content in amine oxide, which retains the natural moisturizing skin, and to its natural extracts of almond and cucumber, and silk and orchids, present on this new line.

Beauty experts have always sought products that retain the hydration of the skin, particularly those products for hands, who suffer daily exposure to different elements, advancing the woman’s age. It is the last generation of creams for hands or a moisturizing lotion, there is a real desire to get products that protect from loss of moisture from the skin, while performing the day to day tasks, and in particular those in which contact with water is required.

Those products that contain a double benefit have obviously an added value, and in this sense, the new Fairy cleaning and care represents the start of a trend by pamper our hands without much effort while we do the daily tasks.

Fairy cleaning and care and its commitment to the skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and the most exposed to the environment. The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis that is directly affected by the environment, detergents, Sun, etc. The skin cells regenerate constantly replacing dead cells, this being a key feature that regulates the flow of hydration of the skin.

Natural loss of hydration of the skin is directly related to the content of water in it. Under normal conditions, more than 15% of the stratum corneum is composed of water and this is vital for its operation. The skin does not work properly when the stratum corneum contains less than 10% water, losing softness and acquiring dryness. In addition, the loss of hydration is also influenced by the climate, the more hot and dry, the greater will be the loss of water from the skin.

The stratum corneum is composed of cells and a lipid layer. The latter consists of a mixture of materials that form a perfect structure between cells that helps keep the water in the stratum corneum and which also acts as a barrier against external aggressions.

Within household chores, washing dishes favors the wear of the cells of the hands. Dishwasher molecules are so small that they penetrate skin affecting the layer of lipids and eliminating the same water, producing the dermis and nail drying.

Amine oxide, which improves the softness of the formula, because it interacts with the anionic of cleaning agents, forming a complex that prevents the latter to penetrate in the skin contains the new Fairy cleaning and care. For the first time a product of home care introduces this component in your formula.

From now on, women can be seen washing dishes as a task which contributes to its beauty thanks to the benefits of the new Fairy cleaning and care with natural extracts of cucumber, almonds or silk and orchid.

“The maximum comfort factor”

Fairy, in their constant effort to meet the needs of their audiences and innovate, conducted a study among 1,000 Spanish women with the objective of discovering things that are most important to them in order to achieve the maximum comfort factor. The investigation has revealed interesting conclusions:

86% Of the Spanish claim the maximum comfort within the home to get it with a clean and care home.67% of those surveyed believe that the living room is the room of the House that gives you greater well-being, followed by dining (51%) and kitchen (42%).

With regard to obtaining the maximum comfort in the kitchen, the results reveal that 72% believed that being with friends and family in this room is more rewarding, followed by lunch with the couple in this room (63%).

In terms of washing the dishes, 79% of the surveyed asserts that cleanliness and brightness of the dishes are most important in getting the maximum well-being. On the other hand, 59% of Spanish concludes that while they scrub the dishes they dream of obtaining maximum relaxation and well-being with a session of personal care, followed by 22 percent who would prefer to go shopping.

Of all those surveyed, 53% said being at home an average of 3 days per week, followed by a 32% that would be 1 day, 12% which would be an average of 2 days and finally 3% that would be 4 days.

In relation to the personal care, 48% of the Spanish considered products that have a double benefit to allow them to get prettier as they develop their work or activities.
For 74% of the surveyed women, hands are the part of the body that most reflects the age of the people, followed by the face (12%), neck (11%) and feet (3%).

Of the total of women asked in this study, 73% would like have hands of a beautician while 83% said that what you would least like to would have the hands of a fielder.

The care of hands becomes increasingly a determining factor in the choice of cleaning products. For this reason, the new Fairy cleaning and care cares for your hands keeping them hydrated and maintained while maintaining grease power always.

The new Fairy cleaning and care is available in bottles of 450 ml and 650 ml in two versions: “Aloe Vera & cucumber” and “Orchid and silk”.