How to make protein shakes for weight loss

Protein is a very important substance for the functioning of the cells of our body and are very good for weight loss. A good way to include many proteins in our diet is making your own smoothies. With the mix of the right ingredients, you can make the best protein shakes from your own home.
Level of difficulty:Moderately Easy

to make protein shakes


Get protein powders. The first step to make a smoothie, is to find a good quality powder. Whey protein is a very easy to digest, but if you are vegetarian or have allergies, there are other options that you can consider as soy, eggs and rice protein targets.

Choose a liquid. May be water, milk, juice or a combination of any of them. This depends on the amount of calories you want to consume and also your allergies. Some alternatives are regular milk of almonds, rice, hemp and the goat.

Get fruit. The ideal for losing weight is to eat lots of protein, provided it does not threaten our health. So, to add fruit, you’ll add fiber to keep you full longer and will make evenings longer to digest the shake, which translates to fewer calories the rest of the day.

Agr├ęgale coconut oil. This oil has healthy fatty acids that help the metabolism and along with proteins make an excellent combination. Try to get extra virgin coconut oil or you can also just add some shredded coconut.

Add yogurt, either fresh or frozen. This food has a lot of protein, low in sugar and has calcium, which helps to lose weight. Use yogurt in your smoothie will help make it more consistent and thick.