How to cut a sirloin tip roast

The top loin roast is an economical piece of meat that can feed several people with ease, if it is not cut properly. This type of roast can be found under the name tip roast, “roasted loin” or “round tip roast”. Loin roasts are cut from the hind legs of cattle, by the tender rump steak. As all cuts of meat , it should be cut once the meat has been cooked thoroughly to improve the safety of food and improve their flavor.

tip roast


Insert the thermometer meat in the center of the roast. Check that the temperature of the meat until it reads 130 ° F (54.4 ° C). Once at this temperature, remove the meat from the heat source.

Place the tray on a heat-proof counter or on a stove. Let stand for 30 minutes. During this time the meat itself will continue to cook and absorb the juices.

Position the roast on a cutting board by placing the longer sides of the roast on top and bottom. The shorter sides should be left and right.

Make a cut of 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) thick from the right end and examine it. The slice should be easy to cut, it should not be long and stringy. If the piece you cut is tough and fibrous, turn the roast 90 degrees and cut again.

Leave the meat cut into a tray to serve and continue cutting until all the meat has been used.