The weekend dessert

This has been the weekend dessert, is a flan with a different aroma that reminds me of Arab sweets, I’ve taken it from a magazine of ThermomixAlthough I participate in the Forum, lately little hang so I intend “to put my batteries” to see if I get it, missing me hours, or cook or I dedicate myself to make photo hang the recipe here and on the blog, the truth is that it leads me more time put it on the internet that make it and eat it to me. Encourage you to do so that is great.

weekend dessert


-250 gr. fresh goat cheese
-1 / 3 tablespoons orange blossom water
-125 gr. sugar icing
-Half a lemon
-60 Gr. milk
-2 eggs
-3 Leaves of gelatine
-100 gr. boneless dates
-4 tablespoons of honey


Put soaked gelatin. Mix the gelatin soaked and drained with the milk, 2 minutes at 90 ° speed 2

Add fresh cheese, the sugar, the lemon juice, strained, orange blossom water and eggs and blend 1 minute to 3-4 speed, until a homogeneous mass.

Cut one-third of the boneless dates and mixed with former cream, 20 seconds at speed 2-3. Fill with this mass a caramelized mold.

Heat 1 litre of water 8 minutes at temperature onion, 1 speed. Bake the custards, covered with foil, in the bowl of onion, about 15-20 minutes on onion, speed 3 extruded and cooled.

I this step what I have done is put a little water in the bottom of the Pan and program manual menu for 30 minutes with closed valve. He carefully unmold and decorate with dates, mint leaves and honey.