The student stew

Portions / number of people: 4-5
Preparation time: 60 minutes
Cook time: 45 minutes
Category: Hot, meats, vegetables and legumes, international specialties and cold entries
Difficulty: Moderate

Many friends students ask me to tell you how to do a stew.

The truth is that the more expert chef could respond to that delicate question already in each region of Spain (or, rather, each House of Spain) there is a type of different stew.

The student stew

The case is that, that same question I was did I a butcher that found some of the food that my mother puts to the stew. And I think that it has been the response that I liked and I give to them people ask me: “few more things throw you to the cooked, you better leave”.

Because that’s my answer and my recipe today in honor to all students who, like once I, did leave home to try to form to earn a living.

Being a recipe for students, I’m going to use some ready product so this stew is easy to prepare and at the same time very similar to which we make our mothers and grandmothers.

Enjoy it!

500 morcillo (leg) of beef g

-1 Chicken thigh

-1 serrano ham bone

-1 White bone (knee or Quill)

-1 piece of rib salt or salty backbone

–100 grams of salted bacon or pancetta or jowl (or all)

1 ear of pig

-1 jar of chickpeas of 500 grs.

-6 carrots, peeled and cut in half

-5 potatoes peeled and cut in the size of a walnut hulls

-500 grams of frozen green beans

As I have already mentioned few things throw you to the cooked, it better be. Therefore, you can remove or add ingredients from this list.

As an example, as regards vegetables you can put cabbage, cabbage, good As for meats, you can put chicken, Turkey, rib of pork, fresh bacon, chorizo, handyman, morcilla…

This recipe do it in pot express because it greatly reduces the time of cooking and for students, the time is oro…

Peel vegetables, chop them and put them in a bowl with water.

Drain the chickpeas, refresh them with water and put them along with the vegetables. Book them.

Put in a pot express, meat and bones. Cover with water and put over high heat to boil them. As it boiled, it has two minutes and pulls the cooking water as thus, all impurities that might have the meat cleaned.

Back into the pot with the meat and bones and cover again with water. Cover the pot, put the weight and when start to sound, low fire by half and has 25 minutes.

Turn off the fire and opens the pot when it allows you to steam. Add vegetables and covers the whole with water if there was not enough broth. Lid again, put the weight and when start to sound, low fire by half and has 15 minutes.

When you can, open the cooker and incorporates 1 rasa tablespoon of salt. Move the pot a little and let boil one or two minutes in circulating the salt. Try the stock to rectify the salt if necessary.

To serve, do it as you have by custom. If you want, you can do it in this way:

Serves chickpeas with vegetables and broth in each individual dish and a source put the meat (or “pringa”) to serve each after eating the first dish.

The remaining broth can be used to make a rich soup with noodles and a studded egg.

If sobran chickpeas and vegetables, you can grind them with crude oil and have a fine puree (there are who also puts a bit of vinegar)

And, finally, if needless meat, shredding her and make a bechamel sauce with it. When it cools, make balls and Breading with flour, egg and breadcrumbs (always in this order) and fry them to make some spectacular croquettes.