Thai fruit salad

Thai fruit salad marinated with jasmine tea, which he receives the typical light floral note. Jasmine fill in a teapot. Peel the ginger, finely grated and jasmine give. A lime wash hot and dry. A piece of lemon peel and cut to give Jasmine. Boil the water bubbling, allow to cool slightly until it just simmers slightly and pour over the jasmine tea. Jasmine tea after about 5 minutes pour through a tea strainer into a bowl and sugar with a whisk until stir, until a slightly pudgy syrup. The syrup to cool completely.


A ripe papaya in half, scrape the black seeds with a spoon and remove the shell. The papaya cut into bite-sized cubes and mix with the syrup. A persimmon peel, cut into small cubes and give papaya. Physalis from the petals dissolve in half, and mix with the fruit salad. Rinse a star fruit, peeled if necessary, brown stripes on the sides with a vegetable peeler and cut the star fruit slices, so that there are stars above to see in the picture. cannon fruit salad among the mix.

Thai fruit salad can be prepared with other exotic fruits like mango or pineapple. The salad bowl with plastic wrap to cover and infuse for 1 hour in refrigerator. The lime expressed with a citrus press and mix the lemon juice just before serving the fruit salad. Thai fruit salad is well chilled particularly refreshing.


¤1 tsp Jasmine tea
¤10 g Ginger
¤1 Lime
¤1/8 L Water, hot
¤2 tablespoons Sugar
¤1 Papaya
¤1 Kaki
¤100 g Physalis
¤1 cannon

2 servings – 208 calories per serving , 15 mins Prep – 60 mins Total