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Yellow mustard plants

Mustard is a condiment creamy yellow color that is usually bought in plastic bottles and is used to flavor hot dogs and grilled sausages. It comes from a plant species, also known as mustard-yellow flowers whose varieties produce white or dark seeds that are harvested for culinary use. Yellow mustard plants include varieties of high commercial value, as well as invasive plants considered weeds.

mustard plants

Sinapis Alba
The yellow mustard plant, also called white mustard-known with the botanical name Sinapis alba, which according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is of Mediterranean origin. The Sinapis alba is the kind of yellow mustard plant most commonly used to create the seasoning used in hot dogs, explains the University Extension North Dakota State. This plant was grown in the United States over approximately 20,000 acres (8,093 hectares) belonging to North Dakota, only in 2006. The Sinapis alba often grown in rotation with other small grain crops because it grows best in well-drained fertile soil resulting from the integration of previous crop residues. Continue reading