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Roast Goose

Roast goose is particularly juicy, if one uses a larger goose. From the remains of the second day as you can still cook a goose broth, or serve the goose legs with kale. Classic roast goose with red cabbage or Brussels sprouts, potato croquettes or dumplings will be served. If you get no fresh goose, the goose should be thawed one day before the preparation. For the goose is best put into a large colander and cover with a large deep dish, so the skin does not dry up. The sieve set in a bowl to catch the defrosted. there may not be used. Remove the giblets from the belly of the goose, clean thoroughly under running water and dry on paper towels.


The goose inside and out, rinse with water and pat dry thoroughly with paper towels. The visible fat removed from the opening in the abdomen and for use as goose fat for frying or further. The wings of the goose buckle in the joints and back spin on the back. The wings are stuck with rolls as skewers or tie with kitchen string. So do not burn the wingtips during frying. In order to drain the fat from the roast goose, it stings the skin on the underside of the wing several times with a fork or a skewer roulades. The goose inside and out strong season with pepper and salt. Fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage and savory together bind to a covenant, and put into the abdominal cavity of goose. Continue reading