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Tips for wedding cakes

Wedding cakes traditionally assembled in layers stacked one above the other, with the filling between each layer, or consist of different floors separated by pillars. These presentations are majestic and elegant, but they must be well secured to prevent the cake from collapsing during the celebration. You can use one or more methods to stack your wedding cake and keep armed.

tips for wedding cakes

Preparing layers
As bricks and stones need to be flat and uniform to build a strong wall, cake layers should be uniform to achieve a stable wedding cake. Use the same brand and type of molds for each layer and fill them with the same amount of cake batter. Carefully weigh the dry ingredients instead of using measuring cups, since moisture and temperature affecting the density of the ingredients and only a little more flour may result in a convex surface and uneven cake. The best way to create homogeneous layers is frozen partially baked cake after cooled and remove the mold. Use serrated knife to cut along the top of the cake horizontally into layers before assembly. Continue reading

How to insert brackets between two wedding cakes

The wedding cakes usually have several layers of cakes of different sizes. So that each layer is safe, brackets and plates to be used in cake . Otherwise, the cakes may sink into each other or fall sideways, causing a catastrophe with cake on the wedding day. Using suitable supports can also be more easily transported cake to its location in the reception lounge as it is less likely to tip over.

wedding cakes


Match the size of the cake plate the size of the cake layer you add. Most wedding cakes have a high level at the bottom which is followed by successively smaller levels. If you are unsure, use a ruler to measure the diameter of the cake should match the diameter of the plate. The diameter of the plate may appear on the packaging or on the bottom of the plate. Continue reading