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Remembering recipes: Dalkys of natural strawberries

This recipe I made last week, Victor loves strawberries so I take that we are in season and everything I see or remember with strawberries do. Ago 8 years cai which put Lude the recipe, as time passes. It is very rich but I think if what you’re looking for is the taste of the Dalky Meri jelly recipe resembles more. This week I think I’m going to prepare the honorina chocolate and coffee from comoju.

natural strawberries

-3 eggs (Lude put 2 by the diet).
-350 Gr. of strawberries ripe, washed and hulled.
-70 Gr. of sugar in the Thermomix.
-10 Gr. cornstarch in the Thermomix.
-1/2 liter of milk and a cup for the final.
-A pinch of salt Continue reading