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Traditional fried milk

You can say this fried milk, that is super delicious, exquisite, are missing adjectives to qualify it, we love it, but is coming from Belenciaga, it could not be less, luxury, go through his blog, “Step Belenciaga”, in addition to the traditional form is a leche frita stuffed with egg yolk, which must also be luxuryDon’t miss it.

-milk 500 ml.
-150 Gr. sugar
-Lemon peel
-Cinnamon stick
-40 Gr. butter
-2 tablespoons flour

fried milk

-Flour to coat
-Beaten egg
-Oil for frying
-Sugar and cinnamon

1 We put to boil the milk with the sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon, boil five minutes and depart the fire, and let stand awhile so you infusion and take the flavors well.
2 We merge to fire under the butter and add the flour, FRY until well permeate the fat and toast a bit.
3 We started to add the milk boiled a few, integrating well before adding another stream, stirring with a wooden spoon.
4. When we have incorporated all the milk we continue cooking cream stirring with a few rods until it thickens and has a consistency like a béchamel sauce for croquettes and a shiny appearance.
5 Get the cream on a source flat (best square) forming a layer of two cms. leave to cool covered with a film that does not form a hard coating.
6. Once cold cream, we will unmold it and cut into cuadrados(puede hacer_se sin sacar de la fuente, pero a mí me resulta mas facil desmoldar_la antes).
7 We passed the pieces in flour and then in beaten egg. Fry them in hot oil, turning them over so they are golden. We get them on paper towels.
8 Mix sugar and cinnamon ground in a bowl and soak the leche frita.
9. You can serve warm or cold.

I hope you enjoy it. Kisses, chocolates.