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Stuffed eggs with meat salad

Stuffed eggs with meat salad taste with homemade meat salad best. But if we as a party and has not prepared for so much time for all the preparations, you can also use ready-meat salad, which tastes even better when it is fresh in a slaughterhouse or from the meat counter at the supermarket buys. Stuffed eggs with meat salad is quick and easy to prepare in large quantities. If you like, sprinkle them with some additional fresh watercress. First, fill enough water in a small saucepan and place a lid. Boil the water bubbling.


Eggs with a Eierpikser puncture on the bottom so they do not burst during cooking. The lay eggs singly on a tablespoon and gently slide into the boiling water to cool. The temperature switch back to low level and place a lid. The water should simmer only slightly. Eggs in about 10 minutes until hard. The water then drain and fill the pot with cold water. Cool the boiled eggs in cold water to cool. The water may once again renew if it should be too warm in between. Meanwhile, the leaves, stems and roots of radish cut. Wash radishes rub dry, and cut with a sharp knife into thin slices. Interpret each egg half a radish on a plate or a plate to form a circle, as seen in the picture above. Continue reading