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Pork medallions in olive sauce

Pork medallions in olive sauce can be served warm or cold as tapas. The beefsteak tomato on top carve crosswise slightly, place in a bowl with boiling water. Once the skin begins to dissolve, then drain the water and rinse with cold water the tomato. Remove the skin and chop the tomato flesh into small dice. Peel the onion and garlic cloves and cut into fine dice. Fill peppers with olive slice. 6 thick pork medallions dry with paper towels.


Heat olive oil in a nonstick pan and sear the pork on both sides just strong, they start to brown up. The pork medallions with pepper and salt, remove from the pan and keep warm. The onions and garlic in drippings over medium heat saute lightly and add the diced tomatoes. Stir in olives and olive sauce to spice up the pepper, salt and a pinch of sugar. The olive sauce and simmer briefly until it is slightly pudgy. Stir in dry sherry and place the pork on the olive sauce. A lid on the pan and pull the pork medallions in olive sauce about 10 minutes on low heat until done. Continue reading

Oatmeal cookies with granola

Oatmeal cookies with granola obtained by using a special flavor of honey. You can cook the oatmeal cookies with granola cereal with fruit if desired, nut granola or other cereal varieties. I’ve used for my fruit muesli cereal with oatmeal cookies. The cereal first enter into a frying pan without added fat as long dry roast until the granola starts to smell. Add the honey and granola with a wooden spoon, stir until the honey becomes liquid and connects with the cereal.


Remove pan from heat and let the granola cool slightly. Stir eggs in a mixing bowl with sugar and a pinch of salt until foamy. The cereal with the egg mixture carefully stir. Depending on the size of the eggs it may be that you must still add some granola. The mixture should be moist rather than dry too. The muesli with unsweetened vanilla powder and cinnamon spice. Do not use too much cinnamon, otherwise it may taste slightly bitter. Preheat the oven to 175 °. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread with a teaspoon of cereal to small piles. Continue reading