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Fast sausage salad

Fast sausage salad tastes even better when used with the Krakow garlic flavor. You can also use other savory smoked sausages like ham . Krakauer into slices and place in a salad bowl. Peel the onion a little larger, cut into small cubes and scatter over the Krakow.


Green peppers in half, freeing of white seeds and skins, cut into cubes and mix with the Krakow. Gypsy sauce from the jar to give sausage salad and season with pepper. Salt or other spices are not necessary, as the gypsy sauce spicy enough already. Just before serving, finely chopped parsley, as shown in the picture above, sprinkle over the salad sausage. Continue reading

Easier sausage salad

Easier sausage salad with chicken sausage is cooked. These low-fat sausage, together with the low-fat yogurt sauce as an alternative to traditional salad sausage, cooked sausage made from pork meat. Yogurt in a bowl, stir in mustard and season with freshly ground pepper vigorously. As the mustard is spicy already, you should season to taste with salt sparingly.


If Easy sausage salad is served as a salad, cut the chicken meat, sliced ​​sausage on top and mix them with the yogurt sauce. Easier sausage salad can also be used as a topping for bread or whole grain bread on strong. In that case I would cut the chicken meat sausage better then into thin strips. A mild white onion peel, cut into very fine cubes and mix into the sausage salad. Continue reading