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What are the Salad Shooters?

The Salad Shooters are products made ​​to cut and shred fruits, nuts, vegetables and cheeses. The products are made ​​by National Presto Industries. Such devices electronically sliced ​​and cut fruits, vegetables and cheeses and are useful for making dishes such as salads, soups, pizza, tacos and desserts. According to the manufacturer, the product is easy to use and all parts can be washed in the dishwasher and are compact for easy storage. Use the product for disposable food slices directly to where you want them.

salad shooters

The Salad Shooter, as the name suggests, slices, shreds and throws lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and other vegetables you prefer, directly into the bowl. The device saves time and makes cleaning easier because it is not necessary to use a cutting board, grater, knife or additional bowls. There are two types: the original and the professional model. The professional model offers greater capacity and more power than the original. Continue reading