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What is the secret to making a pizza

Pizza restaurants keep their recipes secret pizza sauce and dough, and they spend thousands of dollars researching and testing recipes. The pizza dough and sauce are the secret to making a pizza similar to a great restaurant in your home. You can make a pizza at home is even better than a pizza restaurant to know some of the secrets that top pizza restaurants.

 making a pizza

The best pizza crusts are masses growing yeast in warm temperatures. Preheat oven to 450 º F (232 º C) and let the dough stand dish on top of the burner to give a warm place to rise. The next thing is to know how to stretch pizza dough. Pizza restaurants cornmeal sprinkled on the table to prevent the pizza from sticking to your hand so you can stretch the pizza dough from corner to corner. Never fold the dough over itself, only stretch it to the side. The key is not stretching or working on the pizza dough. Overwork of pizza crust dough can give a rubbery texture and add air bubbles. Never use a roller to stretch the pizza dough. For an extra touch of restaurant, painted with a little olive oil the edge of the crust and sprinkle with garlic salt. Continue reading