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Potato cakes with fried egg

Potato cakes with fried egg is a savory version of potato pancakes, which saturates well and replace a main meal. A semi-waxy variety Peel potatoes, wash, and abtropen best fine with the grater attachment of food processor grind. Peel an onion, also finely grind and mix with the potatoes. The potato mixture into a clean dish towel or cheesecloth filled.

 fried egg

The ends of the cloth and squeeze summarized by vigorously twisting the juice from the potatoes. The potatoes should be as dry as possible so that the fritters are crispy. Potatoes in a bowl and add 3 eggs, medium size and most vigorously knead with your hands. Approximately 1 tablespoon flour, knead and sprinkle the potatoes with salt. One after another two per serving potato pancakes topped with a fried egg. For each 10 g Heat clarified butter, potato pancakes give each one heaping tablespoon of potato mixture into the pan and flatten with a spoon.

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