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As frozen pizza pizza dough

The pizza is always a family favorite meal. Making your own pizza dough can be a hassle, however, buy the pizza dough saves time. You can buy pizza dough in advance and store in the freezer . When you feel desire for pizza, simply remove the mass of freezer and within hours be ready to stretch, cover and bake.

pizza dough


Buy pizza dough on a pizza. Buy more than one if you wish, the mass will remain for up to four months in the freezer. Continue reading

Bread Rye raisins and walnuts

I have done in the thermomix today, i.e. have missed the water, yeast, instead of honey I used syrup of maple, Temple to 37 ° 2 minutes, add flours, which have previously cast, salt and the pre-ferment, put 10 secs vel 6. Then 5 min vel stem.

The bread is delicious, the soft crumb and is a s bread rve for salty and sweet, with butter or jam is delicious, and with sausages do not say anything. Today with the green peppers that accompanied the tortillas… hmmmmm!

Bread Rye raisins and walnuts

My pre-ferment I’ve used is a bit of pizza dough that didn’t use yesterday and kept in the fridge. I leave the recipe went Yarza and link, and my bread today. Continue reading