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It helps keep hands soft and hydrated with a touch of softness Dermaprotect

According to a study conducted by Fairy, 86% of Spanish women affirms that the factor of the maximum comfort is achieved with aclean and bright home. New FAIRY cleaning and care,Hands soft and hydrated with able to grease always.

Designed for the modern woman, this product retains the natural hydration of the skin thanks to its component Amino oxide favoring the softness of your hands. Comes in two varieties: “Aloe Vera and cucumber” and “Orchid & silk” Other interesting findings of the study reveal that 74% of Spanish women say that hands are the part of the body that most reflects the age of the people.

touch of softness Dermaprotect

Fairy, brand leader in dishwasher hand, just released to the Spanish market, the new Fairy cleaning and care, a dishwasher that contributes to your hands soft and hydrated due to its content in amine oxide, which retains the natural moisturizing skin, and to its natural extracts of almond and cucumber, and silk and orchids, present on this new line. Continue reading