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Clafoutis of PEAR and cardamom

That translated into the same as saying tart of PEAR and cardamom… the “clafoutis” is a type of well known French cake today anywhere in the world, even here in Spain, where it is common to see the cherry clafouti when it comes the time of this fruit… but as the saying, absence of cherries… good are pears! lol.

The mass that is prepared is quite a very soft cake liquid, similar to the crepes, but after going through the oven we will be as a result and that resembles the texture of clotted cream.

Clafoutis of pear

Cardamom gives this taste so peculiar that it has seed, but not to subtract flavor, since we will use a small part of a single seed. Continue reading

Easter Bread

This Easter bread is easy and can be baked in the form of little chicks, which can also help children. Freshly baked sweet Easter bread tastes very loose and juicy, like buns. The ingredients should have all the room temperature. Flour in a mixing bowl and fill with dried yeast, mix a pinch of salt and sugar. Softened butter and coconut milk (not creamy) add and knead with dough hook to form a smooth dough.


Cover the bowl with a plate and refrigerate for about 30 minutes in hot water (the sink) until it comes up. The dough on a lightly floured work surface and knead by hand again and divide into 8 equal pieces. Remove each piece of approximately 20 g of heavy pieces and shape into a small ball. Almonds and raisins as a bill eyes a little lower key in the balls, as previously seen in the picture. The remaining dough to about 30 cm long strands curl. The strands in the middle set loose ends into a loop and wrap around each other twice (similar to a Osterzopf). The balls lay on the loop and press down lightly. Continue reading

Chocolate ice cream

Mix egg yolk with fine granulated sugar, cocoa and 50 ml of well-cooled milk until the chocolate has dissolved. Fine granulated sugar is more soluble than ordinary table sugar. Add the remaining 150 ml of milk and stir. Well-chilled cream almost beat until stiff. Stir cocoa mixture underneath.


Best to think of this mixture for 20 minutes in the freezer (not longer, so it does not crystallize). Then again briefly open and then into the ice maker fill. 45 minutes stir in the ice machine. At first it looks a bit grainy, but smooth later. If the ice can not be eaten immediately with a rubber spatula (spatula) or decant from the bowl into a clean, well-sealed and put in the freezer cold. Continue reading