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Project to build a wood fired pizza oven

A wood fired pizza oven is somewhat slow to build and they do not bake bakes as fast as a microwave oven, but only the taste is what inspires people to build these structures of brick and mortar in your yard. The charred wood and smoke go beyond novelty, and they bake a pizza with wood stove can not be compared to other kitchen appliance. It is also much cheaper because it only requires firewood to bake.

fired pizza

The foundation, support and isolation
First of all you need to find the place where you want to build a wood-fired oven pizza. Most of the time the outside is built, unless you have a large industrial style kitchen with adequate ventilation. Having chosen a place in your garden for the oven, the foundation slab should be built on level ground. If the floor is not level, must be dug up and flattened so that the cement can be applied on a traditional wire mesh. The better the foundation the better the support. The holder and furnace insulation are built on the foundation slab and also allow contain the heat of combustion of firewood and baked and support dome. The foundation must be built in a kitchen at a comfortable height. Continue reading