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Roast beef and pepper salad

Roast beef and pepper salad is very aromatic and juicy, when he was with the remains of roast beef roast cooked. You can also use sliced ​​roast beef for which you should then ask the butcher about to cut the slices a little thicker than usual. Roast beef roast first cut into 1 cm thick slices and then into bite-size strips as previously seen in the picture.

Roast beef in a salad bowl. Peel an onion cut in half, cut into thin slices and mix with the roast beef. One red, yellow and green peppers into quarters, free of white skins and seeds and cut crosswise into thin strips. Pepper strips with roast beef mix. Pour onions into a colander, drain and roast beef and pepper salad. Provide for the marinade corn oil in a small bowl with red wine vinegar, tomato paste and cold water until smooth. The marinade, cayenne pepper, salt and chili powder spice spicy.

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