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Stuffed Goose

Stuffed goose is classically filled with apples and onions. Traditionally served as an accompaniment to red cabbage or Brussels sprouts and potato dumplings or boiled potatoes. The best way to Boskoop suitable for filling, as this apple variety is particularly fragrant and frying is particularly crumbly. If you want to serve the apples after frying as a supplement, you should use them in the piece. If the apples before filling small cuts, they take the fat of the goose better. Then I would not, however, they serve as a supplement because they are full of fat suck.


A kitchen-ready goose under running water, rinse inside and out and dry with kitchen paper. The visible fat on the outcome of the abdominal cavity to remove and set aside. You can use this instead of goose fat for frying fat from red cabbage on. Season the goose inside and out with salt. A stalk of mugwort in the abdominal cavity of the goose lay. 2 1 / 2 apples into quarters and place in a bowl. Shell and core housing need not be removed because they provide a stronger aroma. 1 / 2 apple for the cabbage aside. Peel 1 1 / 2 onions into quarters and mix with the apples. 1 / 2 onion for the red cabbage aside. Continue reading