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Vegetarian Kebab

Vegetarian kebab you can take with feta cheese and cook with tofu. Even children who otherwise do not like to eat salad, are thrilled by the Vegetarian kebab. Iceberg lettuce into strips and place in a salad bowl. Dice the tomatoes and add. Peel cucumber, cut into cubes and salad. Peel the onion in half and cut into slices.


Vegetable salad with onion mix. Dice the feta cheese, crumbled or coarsely and sprinkle over the salad. Turkish yogurt cream into a bowl and season strong with pepper, salt, pepper and garlic. Vegetarian kebab tastes best when the bread will be baked just before serving. Grilled pita bread in stage 3, middle shelf grill about 3 minutes, turn and cook another 2 minutes. Continue reading

Kebab with Bacon

Kebab with bacon is an alternative if one does not have its own kebab grill the meat or to whom amounts are too large. In addition, you get the already cooked ham cut into very thin slices. As children often do not like salad, you can “hide” in just the salad kebab and he will eat you. So that one does not keep three started after lettuces, for this recipe lends itself to a ready-Salat mix from the fresh produce section of the holder does not matter.


Radicchio and endive salad to clean, rinse under running water and dry in a salad spinner. Lettuce in bite-sized pieces of pluck and put in a salad bowl. Tomato, cut into thin slices and toss with the salad. Peel cucumber, cut into thin slices and place on salad. Peel the onion in half and cut into thin slices. Vegetable salad with onion mix. Mix of corn oil and stir the instant soup powder and a marinade with the salad. Pita bread as desired in the stove or under the grill and cut freshen a bag above to see in the picture. Fill pita bread with salad. Continue reading