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Kale,The healthy food

Kale is a typical North German recipe that is traditionally eaten during the winter. Especially in East Frisia is green cabbage served with sweet potatoes. The leaves of kale from the thick Mittelstrunken pluck and thoroughly rinse with water. In a large soup pot bubbling salted water to boil and blanch the kale is about 5 minutes until it collapses. Pour the cabbage in a colander, rinse with cold water and drain well.


Dry the soup pot and leave it dripping. An onion cut into small cubes and fry in lard until translucent. Add the kale and repeatedly turning anschmoren shortly. Add mustard and salt and pour broth. The kale, mix well, put on a lid and simmer the kale at its lowest setting about 1 hour. Smoked pork neck in slices, put about 15 minutes before end of cooking in the soup pot and cover with green cabbage. Most are still set to Puts ends, but that would enrich the already rich kale itself to more calories, and I prefer it so, alternating with smoked pork neck serve food the next green cabbage. Sweet potatoes for the best possible small potatoes cook peel, halve and depending on the size or roll, as seen in the picture above. Continue reading