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Chocolate mint ice cream

Portions / number of persons: 6
Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

Chocolate mint ice cream

How I like the chocolate after eight, I think they are my favorite chocolates, and as could not be less Mint with chocolate ice cream is one of my favorites. Continue reading

Cream Ice cream (with BASE of milk)

Hello to todosss. After a long time without posting anything for technical reasons, we return to the load. This time with something sweet and that would be base of other many and various ice creams. Today’s is a classic of the ice cream. A cream ice cream with a perfectly balanced recipe in fat, sugars and solids, so recommend not vary or add or remove unless no influence on ice cream formula (i.e. add you once made a few chocolate chips) but not vary the quantities of sugar or replaced by skimmed etc whole powdered milk, since that can derail the ice cream. As you can see though it seems long is a supersimple recipe and that it takes longer to do a mise – en – place that developing. Without more, I hope you enjoy and as always you can leave any comment here, that are always welcome.

ice cream



-115 g water
-130 g of cream with a 36% M.G.
-full 500 g of milk with 3.5% M.G.
-140 g sugar
-5 g gelatine powder neutral
-50 g of whole milk powder
-60 g of glucose (in the absence of invert sugar) Continue reading

Ice cream ice cream

Now we have to take advantage of the new acquisition, the ice cream maker with compressor, today has played this heladito that this rich muyyyyyy , for tonight my husband already has asked me an ice cream chocolate, but not light, so that is what I will do, to see that coming…. tomorrow I will tell you

Ice cream


-700 g of skimmed milk
-1 Tin cream 5% MG (175 g)
-3cucharadas of skimmed-milk powder
-4 egg yolks
-1 stick of cinnamon
-1 lemon rind
-3-4 tablespoons heaping of sweetener liquid (to everyone’s taste) Continue reading

Chocolate ice cream

Mix egg yolk with fine granulated sugar, cocoa and 50 ml of well-cooled milk until the chocolate has dissolved. Fine granulated sugar is more soluble than ordinary table sugar. Add the remaining 150 ml of milk and stir. Well-chilled cream almost beat until stiff. Stir cocoa mixture underneath.


Best to think of this mixture for 20 minutes in the freezer (not longer, so it does not crystallize). Then again briefly open and then into the ice maker fill. 45 minutes stir in the ice machine. At first it looks a bit grainy, but smooth later. If the ice can not be eaten immediately with a rubber spatula (spatula) or decant from the bowl into a clean, well-sealed and put in the freezer cold. Continue reading