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Lemon yogurt cake

It seems that I given by biscuits lately, ja, ja, ja… After making the traditional cake type roscon gallego and have been a success at home, I decided to try another type of biscuits. In addition, to buy this beautiful mold, couldn’t wait to try it.

Today I made the classic lemon yogurt. I imagine that most already what you know to do, but if there is someone who still not encouraged, there goes the recipe. It is very easy and securely. We will need:

yogurt cake

-3 eggs
-1 yogurt of 125 grams lemon
-2 measures of sugar yogurt
-1 measure of oil Koipesol Delice yoghurt
-3 measures of yogurt of cake flour
-1 sachet of baking powder (16 grams)
-The zest of one lemon
-A little butter and some flour to grease the mould Continue reading