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Blueberry and almond paste thanks Erruki.

This recipe is a great friend and great chef, making an incredible job to show us a number of recipes great and delicious, because all of their recipes are a real delight in your beautiful blog “Erruki Laurel”, I have already tried several and are synonymous with good food and good work. Besos guapa, still teaching us to enjoy the food, because you do wonder.

Blueberry and almond paste thanks Erruki

-170 Gr. butter or margarine at room temperature
-125 gr. sugar glass
-2 egg yolks
-2 teaspoons lemon juice
-½ grated lemon peel
-190 Gr. flour
-120 Gr. almonds ground
-110 Gr. dried cranberries
-A handful of grain almond or pistachio

1. In a bowl or salad bowl work the butter to leave point ointment, pour the sugar and beat vigorously to get a whitish cream. Continue reading