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Ice cream fried my way

One of the dishes that do not they may be missing in my compilation of recipes Chinese is this delicious ice cream in which cold contrast with the warmth of fried, paired with some coverage sauce of sugar or honey melts on contact is a marvel. Recipes I have many, with more or less time freezer with different breaded, and at the end I decided to make it new to my taste, a Fried ice cream to as Carmela, to insurance is less Orthodox, peroooooo, more to my taste, and I get I Choose the rest of the menu and make a theme night you want? …. Since go!.

Ice cream fried


Ingredients (serves 4):

-250 grams of cream of three tastes or which prefer

First and second batter

-3 cupcakes Gourmand, if they are of people best of sugar on top
-Beaten egg the amount required
-1 teaspoon of vanilla essence dessert
-3 tablespoons of grated coconut Continue reading