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What kind of ground meat is the leanest?

Sellers are not required by law to label meat lean . This is because ground beef is a single ingredient, raw material that is part of the voluntary labeling program of the Department of Agriculture (USDA). This can be confusing for consumers seeking the type lean ground beef meat available. The desire to market ground beef consumer tastes requires most vendors to use tags. Ground beef can be labeled as hamburgers, ground beef, ground beef or sirloin. Generally, a label will include a percentage of beef lean to fat ratio. For example, ground sirloin, the leanest type of ground beef, labeled with 95 percent of meat lean and 5 percent fat.

No label
You can determine how lean ground beef is with the eyes. However, do not give the exact percentage of fat, a good tip to know. Beef with higher lean content will be more red meat with a high fat content. The look whiter ground meat contains more fat.

ground meat

Versus ground beef burger
However, the Department of Agriculture of the United States requires that ground beef or ground beef burger is titled. The burger is defined as ground meat that has added beef fat. The only fat in ground beef is already present in the cut of meat before grinding. Therefore, ground beef labeled as ground beef and hamburger is sure to san leaner. Continue reading