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Greek dressing ingredients

The traditional Greek dressing gets its flavor from the vegetables . In traditional dressings, the ingredients are selected to enhance the flavor of tomatoes and cucumbers, while olives and feta added to improve the flavor of the salad without the need for a complex seasoning. However, many restaurants and people have embarked on the task of creating the perfect dressing for this salad classic.

greek dressing

Traditional Greek Dressing
The recipes of salads most authentic Greek are geared to take the natural flavor of the vegetables in the salad . For a genuine Greek dressing, add a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil on tomatoes at room temperature, cucumbers and olives. Toss salad to vegetable juices mixed with olive oil. Add feta cheese over the vegetables and sprinkle salt, pepper and oregano. Drizzle salad finished with a little olive oil and serve. You can add lettuce to the recipe and a little lemon juice. Continue reading