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Goose leg

Goose leg is braised slowly in the oven and thus remains juicy. The red wine can also be replaced with black currant juice, which tastes also very aromatic. I have goose leg, as shown in the picture above, with duchess peas served on chips. You can also classically rich goose leg with red cabbage or Brussels sprouts. Goose leg tastes just as good to kale. If you get no fresh goose leg, you should thaw frozen goose leg in the refrigerator overnight.


The best places for you the goose leg in a sieve, the sieve is to drip on a bowl and cover the goose leg off with a deep dish. I used a small portion of each leg of goose from 400 g in weight. Discard the defrosted the next day and rinse thoroughly under running water leg of goose. Goose leg dry with kitchen paper to remove the visible fat on the underside of the skin and set aside. Rub the leg of goose with salt and pepper. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. A roasting pan or ovenproof casserole on the stove. The goose fat in the pan miss at high temperature until it is lightly browned. The fried pieces out goose fat is small and looks like flare fat. Continue reading