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Hake stuffed baked recipe

Portions / number of people: 6
Preparation time: 60. minutes
Cooking time: 40. minutes
Category: Fish and seafood
Difficulty: Moderate

The hake stuffed is a convenient option especially when having guests at home, place it in the oven by clearing the kitchen and with minimum care taste freshly made without gait rush in the kitchen.

hake stuffed baked recipe

Supports any filling… as in this case with sea fruits or something more classic like serrano ham, fried assorted vegetables or even a combination of sea and land with wild asparagus and prawns…
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Pasta with wild garlic sauce

Pasta with wild garlic sauce with fresh garlic taste very aromatic and goes particularly well with grilled meats. Tortiglioni in boiling salted water and in about 12 minutes until to the dente. A large organic egg Hard boil. Stir the garlic mayonnaise sauce with yogurt and white balsamic vinegar and season strong with a smooth pinch of sugar, white pepper, salt and paprika.

Wild garlic, rinse, dry pan and cut off the stems. Wild garlic cut into thin strips, as previously seen in the picture, and mix into the sauce. A tomato cut into small cubes and garlic to give. A mild white onion peel, into very fine cubes and mix with the garlic sauce. Pour pasta into a colander, cool under cold water and drain. Drain the eggs to cool, put into cold water, peel and cut into cubes with the egg slicer.

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