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Chicken and Fruit Salad

For a radical change from a heavy piece of fried chicken, white meat combined with fruit slices, some dressing and some greens for a salad. Serve cold and refreshing combination of chicken and fruit, as a salad for a meal or main dish. A change in fruit or produce a new dressing taste combination. The nearly infinite variations include fruit with roasted chicken, for a hot version of the salad.

Chicken and Fruit Salad

How to cut a watermelon bowl

Chicken types for use
Because uncooked poultry should not be combined with the raw ingredients of the salad, cook the chicken in advance. Different cooking methods or marinated produce different flavors and textures to the flesh. Combine chicken pieces grilled in a spinach salad with pieces of grapefruit, apples and grapes. Add strips of grilled chicken with a citrus slices and cover everything with a vinaigrette. The pieces of chicken breast poached or boiled, marinated in a combination of red wine vinegar and fruit juice complement the pineapple mango or a green salad. Continue reading

Fruit salad in melon network

Fruit salad in melon network can be very fast to prepare. The slightly bitter-sweet flesh harmonizes well with papaya, and blackberries. You can also use other fruits of the season for the preparation. The network as desired melon in half crosswise or lengthwise. This half is good, is cut from the underside of a thin slice from the pan. It hurt but as the flesh inside is not, so that the juice may leak during filling.


The seeds and fibers removed with a spoon. The flesh of the melon with a melon baller or network teaspoon detach and place in a colander. The melon balls drain well, because otherwise the cream cheese in mixing later by the melon juice is too thin. Papayas in half lengthwise. Remove the black seeds with a spoon, cut out the flesh into small balls and also give the melon balls into the screen. Wash and clean blackberries, and drain. Put some pieces of the fruit of each for decoration, as seen above in the picture aside. Continue reading