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Menus for fruit-only diet

Attention fruit lovers, this is the diet for you. ‘s diet 14 days of fruit is a diet plan that lets you eat all the fruit you want. This plan divides the fruit into four categories to guide you on what to choose during certain times of day. In addition to weight loss, some of the benefits of the diet of fruit include soft and smooth skin, regulating bowel movements, excessive excretion of sodium and joint pain relief.

menus for fruit

Fruit choice of four categories
Category 1: sweet fruits (grapes, pears, bananas, figs and dates) Category 2: semi-sweet fruits and acid (all other fruits except melons) Category 3: Melons Category 4: fruit for dinner (cucumbers, berries, tomatoes and peppers) Initially, do not mix the categories one, two and teas for breakfast or lunch. Mix fruit can cause indigestion and gas. If you have this problem, well mix. For dinner, choose only fruits category four. Avoid eating avocados during the day, as they are rich in fat. Instead, consume them in limited quantities at dinner. Continue reading