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Chicken and Fruit Salad

For a radical change from a heavy piece of fried chicken, white meat combined with fruit slices, some dressing and some greens for a salad. Serve cold and refreshing combination of chicken and fruit, as a salad for a meal or main dish. A change in fruit or produce a new dressing taste combination. The nearly infinite variations include fruit with roasted chicken, for a hot version of the salad.

Chicken and Fruit Salad

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Chicken types for use
Because uncooked poultry should not be combined with the raw ingredients of the salad, cook the chicken in advance. Different cooking methods or marinated produce different flavors and textures to the flesh. Combine chicken pieces grilled in a spinach salad with pieces of grapefruit, apples and grapes. Add strips of grilled chicken with a citrus slices and cover everything with a vinaigrette. The pieces of chicken breast poached or boiled, marinated in a combination of red wine vinegar and fruit juice complement the pineapple mango or a green salad. Continue reading

Fried chicken from the oven

Fried chicken from the oven are especially tender and remain juicy. This version is ideal for anyone who has no deep fryer. As the roast chicken from the oven are coated with breadcrumbs, they can be baked without the skin. Preheat the oven to 250 ° and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.


The skin can be easily shed from the chicken legs. The roast chicken with pepper and salt. Three deep dish deploy. Pour into a bowl of flour, in the second bowl of beaten egg and bread crumbs in a third disk. The fried chicken in flour first, then apply the beaten egg and finally in breadcrumbs. Fried chicken on the baking sheet. Corn oil in a small bowl and fill with a pastry brush paint on the roast chicken. Continue reading