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Beef broth with egg

Beef broth with egg is a classic clear soup, which tastes very strong. Clean and slice greens for half of the beef broth into large cubes. The other half of the soup into very fine cubes. An unpeeled onion in half, place the cut sides into a soup pot and cook without adding fat in the soup pot. Once the cut edges begin to brown, add the coarsely chopped greens and soup meat and cover with water. By the onion beef broth with egg receives its typical dark color, like to see in the picture above. Add a stock cube, bay leaf, black peppercorns and cloves, put on a lid and boil vigorously once the beef broth.


Remove the lid and simmer the beef broth over medium heat about 90 minutes. Whisk the egg custard for a large organic egg with milk and sprinkle with freshly grated nutmeg and a pinch of salt. A small bowl or cup auspinse ln with butter and pour in the egg. The dish tightly with aluminum foil so that no water can flow into the custard. The bowl in a suitable pot and fill the bowl halfway with water. Put a lid on the saucepan and heat the water only, but do not boil. The water should simmer gently. Increase after 20 minutes the bowl with a slotted spoon from the water and remove the aluminum foil. Continue reading

Egg Salad

This egg salad is best prepared with meat from the remnants of roast pork, because it tastes so very juicy. Alternatively, you can use pork roast meats, but the tastes usually somewhat dry. In a small saucepan boil water bubbling. Eggs on the underside with a puncture Eierpikser, place on a spoon and gently slide into the water to cool. Reduce the temperature to medium and boil hard eggs in 10 minutes.


The water then drain and place the eggs in cold water for rapid cooling. Meanwhile, prepare the salad creamy sauce for the egg salad. Mayonnaise in a bowl and add yogurt and stir until smooth with a whisk. The salad dressing, mustard and pepper from the mill. Salt is not necessary because the mustard already spicy enough. The pork roast cut into bite-size strips, as previously seen in the picture, and mix with the salad dressing. Asparagus sections pour into a colander and drain well. Peel the eggs and the egg slicer first cut into slices. Continue reading

Egg in the Hole

Egg in the Hole or Egg in the Basket means something like egg in the hole or egg in the basket and is originally an American breakfast. Egg in the Hole is fried on both sides, so that the egg is slightly drier. So you served on request ketchup, mustard, bacon, or – something unusual for us – to jam. If you like fried eggs may be due to sample Egg in the Hole again. Brush for Egg in the Hole, first toast the slices a little thicker unroasted with softened butter. Gouge out a hole of each slice of toast.


It is best to use a glass or Garnier ring. The hole should be large so that the toast by frying remains bright, and the protein increased rapidly. If the hole is too small, it takes too long to increase the protein and the toast is dark. Preheat a nonstick skillet and place the slices of toast with the coated side down into the pan. The punched-out cover also place butter side down into the pan. Eggs and gently slide into the holes in the slices of toast can be. Temperature switch to medium. Egg in the Hole with a spatula until Carefully turn and briefly fry the other side, when the protein is hammered and solidifies. Continue reading

Potato Croquettes

Use for potato croquettes best one floury variety of potato. Peel the potatoes in salted water and bring to a boil. Then in about 20-25 minutes to cook at all. Drain and dry steam. Still warm press through a potato ricer or mash with a potato masher. Stir in hot milk gradually. Add butter and beat the puree easily. Season with salt and nutmeg. Stir egg yolks and add an include so much flour that the potato mixture is malleable.


That depends on the size of the egg yolk. The dough should remain a little sticky, so it does not taste too much like flour and potato croquettes remain soft on the inside. With floured hands, shape small rolls and place side by side on a board. Easier and quicker it, especially in larger quantities when the potato into a piping bag filled (without nozzle) and the mass injected through the large hole as a long string on the lightly floured work surface. Continue reading

Mustard eggs

Mustard eggs can be served with potatoes as a main dish. If you want eggs, mustard rich as a starter, maybe only 1 egg per serving rich use . some fresh baguette for sauce. Spring onions into thin rings. Peel a small shallots and cut into fine dice. Omit butter in a nonstick pan. Spring onions and shallot until soft stirring. Add broth and cream. Reduce heat to low and stir in mustard to the sauce.


Mustard sauce and simmer for about 5-7 minutes, until sauce is smooth. Season with freshly ground pepper. Salt is not necessary because the mustard already spicy enough. Just before serving, sprinkle finely chopped parsley over the mustard sauce. Meanwhile, water with white wine vinegar and white wine to a boil. Add no salt. Reduce heat slightly, so that the water boils only slightly. Use very fresh eggs. Beat the eggs separately in a soup ladle and gently slide into the water to cool. Continue reading