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Eating pizza after exercise

When you are hungry after exercise and on your way home, you may be tempted to stop at a business of pizza. After burn calories during the exercise, your body craves calories, carbohydrates and proteins, and the pizza looks like a good option. But before buying a portion of your favorite pizza, consider how your eating habits affect your post-exercise efforts. The pizza may delay your results rather than help your recovery.

Eating pizza

Nutritional information for the pizza
Eating pizza is a healthy decision shortly after exercise. A pepperoni pizza slice has 250 calories and huge 10 grams of fat, 4.5 g of them are saturated. While the pizza is a good carbohydrate source with 27 g, often they are refined and nutrients were extracted for easier digestion. With meat and cheese toppings, you can expect 10 to 14 g of protein. Compared with fat and calories, protein and carbohydrates hardly compensate for the inherent nature unhealthy pizza. Continue reading