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Cookies double chocolate

For chocolate lovers these cookies are indispensable, are delicious, certainly can not go through the blogs and see recipes for cookies, am a Goya, the copy all and sooner or more I do them, can not have empty cookie tins, a Vice.
The recipe could not be of another blog, “My favorite recipes”, I love, your blog is wonderful and cookies or I tell you, they are very good, the only change that I made, that will surely change the flavor a lot, but it is that there are no peanut butter nuggets, has been replace with white chocolate chips, I know that it is not the same, but yet they are luxury, if you find those of mani replaced by white (put 280 Gr.) and ready.

double chocolate

-280 Gr. flour
-70 Gr. cocoa powder unsweetened
-3 GR. baking type Royal (baking powder) (1 teaspoon)
-4 g salt
-300 Gr. sugar
-250 gr. butter at room temperature unsalted
-2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
-2 eggs (100 grs. approx)
-70 Gr. dark chocolate nuggets
-70 Gr. White chocolate chips Continue reading