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How to make Doowaps

Yes, “doowaps” that often nombrecito, to my I like more call them “muffins with chocolate chips”, long, but so we know what we’re talking about jjj… and who has the blame that it has made them?.. .for Yes, charge at home, my son, the other day I accompanied to make purchase and threw me a package from the “real” in the basket, and I told him nanai, industrial bakery that was and that I refused to buy it, in return, promised you that I prepare them is at home… so they have passed the days and it has not missed an afternoon in which Eloy told me that I promised (I do not) I remember that was a promise) do “doowaps”, so yesterday, the afternoon was to be at home, I started with the hands in the dough (and never better said) and according to my son, already he has forgiven me, because I’ve met! jjj and I think that by far because the buns that I bake did not have wings, but literally flew!…


I you only needed to find a good recipe, and I gave it on the blog of Olga, cooking with Kisa, where I took my double surprise, because I found the famous buns on the one hand, and how to prepare them, with my dear Chefomatic on the other, which was stored in the pantry now or poor I remember when… I promise that I will use it more nowespecially for dough.I’ve simply added more sugar, and vanilla. Continue reading