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Cups mascarpone custard and coffee flan

The base of the stand is a cake mold and below a white pot, both IKEA.

Eguski mascarpone cheese flan
(In Mercadona plastic cups took me 18:)
-500 gr. mascarpone cheese
-250 ml of milk.
-2 envelopes of curd
-180 Gr. of sugar
-1/2 litre of cream to mount
-Candy liquid for mould

coffee flan

Thermomix preparation:
We put all the ingredients into the bowl of the TH mix 10 sec. Vel. 4
We schedule 10 min. temp. 100th in vel. 3
We take in the caramelized mold, let cool to temp. environment and get to the refrigerator until set. Continue reading