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Potatoes with bacon and sour cream

Potatoes with bacon and cream cheese is a simple hearty meal that can be prepared in large quantities very well. For the bacon potatoes, I used the smaller triplets potatoes, you can replace them but also by ordinary potatoes. Triplets potatoes than potatoes in about 20 minutes to cook at all.


Meanwhile, cream cheese in a bowl and season with pepper, salt and paprika. Peel a shallot, cut into small cubes and add to the curd. Gherkins cut into small cubes and mix with the curd. Chives, parsley and dill finely and mix into the cream cheese. Drain the cooked potatoes ready triplets, cool in cold water and peel. Bacon strips in place on a chopping board and cut in half again crosswise. Continue reading

Pineapple curd cooking

What makes this pineapple curd dish is that it is prepared with a fresh pineapple. Usually reacts with acid curd so that it tastes slightly bitter. But if you used one as mature and thus very sweet pineapple, served immediately after preparation, the pineapple curd dish tastes very fruity and remains sweet. If you want to prepare the pineapple curd dish and serve later, you should use better pineapples from the can.


Alternatively, you can cut the pineapple into pieces, boil with a cool drink of water and sugar. Thus the reaction of acid with the Quark is also prevented. Thus, more juice is, to a ripe pineapple under slight pressure with your hand and roll forth. The pineapple with a long sharp knife in half lengthwise. One half in half again lengthwise and remove the soil and green hair. The other half of the pineapple can be used for serving eroded, as shown in the picture above, or otherwise used. Continue reading