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Egg rolls with crab salad

Egg rolls with crab salad with fresh shrimps taste particularly delicious. It works well for Sunday brunch buffet for a maritime or simply as a snack between meals. Eggs in about 10 minutes and boil hard for rapid cooling in cold water. Romaine lettuce, rinse under running water, dry in salad spinner and pull apart.


Season for the crab salad with mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Some crabs for decoration, as seen in the picture above, set aside. The remaining shrimp with the mayonnaise mix. Bread slice and top with lettuce leaves. The crab salad on top. Peel eggs and cut into slices with the egg slicer. Continue reading

Crab Salad and Egg salad with cheese

I prefer to prepare crab salad with fresh shrimps, as they have the most flavor. Crabs on the head and tail touching. Press with a slight twisting motion of the ends of the shell against each other and pull out the tail end. The amount refers to already crabs.


Touch of mayonnaise and freshly squeezed lemon juice a salad dressing. Season with white pepper and salt lightly. Chop fresh dill and stir into the salad dressing. Shrimp stir into the sauce. Crab salad tastes great on fresh bread, wholemeal bread or rich. Sometimes I use for crab salad stuffed tomatoes. Continue reading