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Fish in mustard sauce

Fish in mustard sauce tastes very tender and juicy, if you used fresh salmon fillet, as it is thick-fleshed than frozen fish. To draw out any remaining bones and strokes are best with a finger against the grain. So you can feel the fastest, if still hiding a fish bone in the meat. Since the fish bones in the meat sit rather firmly, pull it out the best in a fish bone tongs growth direction. The pollock fillet, rinse briefly under running water, dry with kitchen paper and cut into four pieces, as seen in the picture above.


The fish with salt, pepper and lemon juice. A mild white onion cut into fine dice. Omit butter in a nonstick pan and fry the onions light. Place the fish on the onions, pour the fish stock and place a lid. Pull the fish in about 12-15 minutes on low heat until done. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 50 ° and allowed to warm plates in it. The fish with a spatula lift out of the fish stock, put the dish in the oven and keep warm. Continue reading