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Lemon and chocolate cake…

The dessert of this weekend is “yellow”, as my kitchen, my blog and my state of mind. M A R I L L or!, because yellow is the Sun, which conveys so much positive energy and fills us with joy! (although here this week has shone by their absence), because yellow is cheerful and uplifting and because a house full of light is a warm home! and if to this we add that we chocolatiers and we love the lemon also, we have the perfect cocktail.

Lemon and chocolate cake.


Tart, has this contrast between the acid of lemon and sweet chocolate, which has enchanted us, so without more, I tell you how to prepare to surprise yours! Continue reading

Quick chocolate cake

This was the cake that I prepared for the meets of my husband, your favorite flavor is chocolate, so take chocolate! The cake was very good and for addicts and lovers of this flavor, is a marvel.

Quick chocolate cake

It is a creamy, dense cake, with a piece we have enough. I did a finite base of sponge cake but can let it cookie or simply not put base. Recipe although I have seen it on many blogs is Auro. Do a piece want?. Continue reading

Recipe of biscuits, chocolate cake

Portions / number of persons: 8
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 0
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

It is a “reconstructed” version of classic cheesecake cookies, coffee and chocolate. I’ve bundled me in the kitchen and this has been the result. When all ingredients are good for Yes solos, the result cannot be nothing more than nicer still.

Recipe of biscuits, chocolate cake


-2María biscuit packages
-150Gr. of butter
-1/ 2 Cup of coffee
-1/ 2 glass of milk
-100Gr. chocolate for desserts
-50Gr. sugar
-A splash of brandy (optional, to taste)
-A tablespoon of brown sugar (optional) Continue reading

Marble cake

This marble cake is very moist and aromatic. It tastes even after several days of very good to him, wrapping in aluminum foil and kept tightly closed. You can bake this marble cake without preheating in a microwave oven with combined. If you bake the marble cake in a conventional oven would, the oven must be preheated. Temperature and baking times will remain the same. Soft margarine in a mixing bowl and add sugar. The margarine at the highest level with the whisk of food processor until smooth. Speed ​​switch back on medium speed.


Finely grated lemon peel of one lemon untreated organic cause. Mix the eggs gradually with the margarine until they were well received. Flour with salt and baking powder and mix at low speed with the margarine. Add rum and cream. Chop almonds and finally in the batter mix. Approximately one-third decline from the batter and pour into a bowl. Cocoa, oiled and add to the dough smooth mix. Chocolate chips or chopped bittersweet chocolate in the chocolate cake mix. Grease a loaf pan and line with baking paper. By greasing the baking paper firmly holds better to the shape and stress can be smooth. The fill light batter into the loaf pan and place the dark chocolate cake in heaps on it. Continue reading