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Good ways to cook chicken for salad

The leftovers or fresh chicken can be added on a salad , with cucumbers, spinach leaves, dressing and cheese as an important part of a balanced diet. The addition of chicken to a salad with a delicious counterpoint to the vegetables . How to cook the chicken will determine the character of the salad .

 chicken for salad

Chicken Salad
The salad chicken offers a light and nutritious alternative to eating a meal high in calories or dinner, for example, burgers and fries. The pieces of chicken, prepared in various ways, crowning a mixture of greens, romaine lettuce or salad of iceberg lettuce. The Asian chicken salads have chicken seasoned with basil and seasoned with almonds, rice and plum sauce. The salad chicken may include grapes and nuts. The addition of chicken salads makes them attractive for those who normally would not eat one salad as a meal or main dish. Continue reading