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Cheese cake recipe and curd

Portions / number of persons: 8 people
Preparation time: 45 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

For the base:

-A package of biscuits)24( cookies, more or less)
-200Gr. butter

cheese cake recipe and curd

-1liter of milk
-3 or 4 envelopes of curd powder
-A few 150Gr. sugar (to taste)
-500ml. liquid cream
-300Gr. cheese Philadelphia Continue reading

Cream of cheese cake, cream and strawberries

Hello today 37 years ago to I married, who would I say to my that that time would happen so fast.We were so young.
At that time I saw birth of my children, who grow and already formed his life.
I have grandchildren and I am also a great-aunt.
They were happy times that won’t already, each one was a happy stage.

I also had very bad moments, when was my aunt, my second mother and the worst time the disappearance of my mother.
I have a great husband and a very good person”has to be to hold me to my”
Well go with the rich rich easy easy recipe, is the blog of Sergio:

cream and strawberries

Recipes of the Lord Lord
Solo varié I put a little cheese and a little more sugar, less cream cheese-light, milk skim,not for nothing diet already with the cream and sugar there is no diet that it is worth, is that I don’t use other milk and cheese is what I had at home. Oh, and the present in two versions. Continue reading

Milka chocolate cheesecake

Notice, I’m about to discover you the recipe of one of the tarts richest in the world. Then I dig not the blame if you can not you remove the head. If suddenly you prepare it every day and you engordáis twenty kilos. Or forty. If you are aware of your weakness and are afraid of this happening, fast, close this window! FLEE FROM HERE! Put “Dukan diet” on google and disappears!

Milka chocolate cheesecake

Okay, since we have disposal of the flimsy. We are alone, we, the greedy. I tell you: when I go to a restaurant and they offer me to choose between cheesecake and chocolate cake, my mind explodes by indecision. I usually end up asking the two and sharing them with someone (as in the Ikegutxi), but everything would be easier if these restaurants financing with the offer of the chocolate Cheesecake. There would be no doubt. And if I say also, that chocolate is Milka, you would understand that now weren’t clapping in front of the screen of your computer how bunch of tontainos. Continue reading